The Portuguese Association of Water Resources (APRH) is a scientific and technical association, nonprofit, formed by notarial deed of August 4, 1977, published in the "Diário da República" no. 204 - 3rd grade, 3 September 1997, with amendments adopted by the General Meeting of 19 February 1986 and notarial deed dated 6 October 1986. The Association, is installed in Lisbon, in facilities provided by the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, aims to promote multisectoral and interdisciplinary treatment of water problems by providing a forum for professionals from diverse backgrounds and fields of activity connected with water.<

Main Objectives

A APRH tem como objectivos:

i) to further progress the knowledge of water resources, namely in the fields of water management, planning, development, administration, science, technology, research and education;

ii) to promote and support the co-operation of interested individuals and entities in creating a suitable institutional framework for solving national water resources problems;

iii) to support and participate in the dissemination of the concept and implementation of suitable policies for water resources management in Portugal;

iv) o collaborate with related foreign organisations and to promote Portuguese participation in international water resources programmes.

APRH Head Office

LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, no Departamento de Hidráulica e Ambiente,
Av. do Brasil, 101.
Subway - Alvalade
Bus stop - 17, 31, 45, 50, 83 e 85 (stop: Av. do Brasil - LNEC)