A Regional Commission shall be constituted on the iniciative of a group of members who reside in the same geographical region.

For the purpose of the preceding number the following regions shall be considered:

a) North Region, comprising the catchment basins of Minho, Lima, Cavado, Ave, Douro and Vouga;

b) Central Region, comprising the catchment basins of Mondego, Liz and Tagus, and of the small rivers that empty into the Atlantic Ocean between the Mondego and Sado mouths;

c) South Region, comprising the catchment basins of Sado, Mira and Guadiana, and of the remaining rivers that empty south of the Sado mouth and at the littoral of Algarve;

d) Madeira archipelago;

e) Azores archipelago.

The Regional Commissions shall have an Executive Board consisting at least of a President and a Secretary-Treasurer, and at the maximum of five members elected from an assembly of the members of the region concerned.

The Regional Commissions shall:

a) dynamize and develop APRH activities in the corresponding regions;

b) make known APRH and put it in Contact with the regional and local entities concerned with the domain of its activity;

c) hear opinions and detect specific water resources problems in the region, and inform APRH associative bodies on them.

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